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FL Studio Mega Pack
kirtechДата: Пятница, 14.03.2008, 23:56 | Сообщение # 1
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Шикарный релиз - всем советую cool

FL Библия:

English Tutorial videos for producing music with Fruity Loops.

Audio & Midi Loop Recording
Audio Recording
Automation & Recording
Automation Clips & Audio Envelop Clips
Beat Slicer Tutorial
Deep Into Sytrus
Direct Wave Plugin
FL Studio as a Plugin
FL Studio Mixer
FL Studio Piano Roll Editor
FL Studio Playlist Editor
FPC Generator
FPC video
Friuty Slicer
Fruity Vocoder
Interface Overview
MIDI Controller
Mixer Tutorial
New Effect Plugins
Piano Roll
Recording Audio
Rewire Client Setup
Step Sequncer
Sytrus Synth
Time Stretching
Using Effects in FL Studio
Wav Editor



вот есчё

Image-Line FLStudio Video Tutorials

FLV Format.

Pickup Series
Step Sequencer and Piano Roll
Playlist Editor
Channel Settings
Mixer (Incorrectly titled)
Pre-Master & Export
One Click Recording


User Interface
Piano Roll
Using a Midi Controller
Using FPC with MPD18
Recording Audio
Recording Your Guitar


Channel Settings
Internal Plugins
Audio and Midi Loop Recording
Recording Automation
Using Layers
Pianoroll Usage
Live Mode
Rewire Client
FL as a Plugin


Advanced FPC Use
The FL Slicer
Using Sytrus
Special FX
Deep Inside Sytrus
Wave Traveller
The FL Vocoder

Pass: magesy

Fruity Loops Addon Pack(sample) 736 file wav

взято всё здесь и иключительно для ознакомления

ну и вот есчё скопипастил


Feel, a building, a being pleased...
Ear most wanting always once own music to produce!!!
Here everything is which it for the immediate start of own TRACKS needs + Tools

image Line - FL STUDIO 8 RC2 Beta inkl RegKey

- Cleartype not forced on anymore for mixer labels for Win9X platforms (and there was much rejoicing!).
Added recording filter (right-click record button). Choose to record Audio, Automation or Note data independently.
Menu icons replaced by global down arrows for a more consistent GUI.
New spectral view in monitor panel.
Event automation now displayed in pattern clips.
Channels in piano roll channel selector are now sorted by channel group.
New list of available patterns when right-clicking the pattern selector.
Patterns named '-pattern name' now act as separators in lists.
Added mouse wheel support to popup menus & combo selectors.
Added plugin interface thumbnail pictures to project browser (manual process to add) .
Generator smart disable is now compatible with threaded rendering.
Added OGG Vorbis rendering (open source compressed audio format).
Some FL plugins now support .ogg format audio.
Never lose a keyboard performance. The new score logger records all MIDI activity from controller
keyboards and the 'typing-piano keyboard' in a 3 minute buffer.
Updated MP3 codec (LAME 3.97).
One-click audio recording now prompts to record in Edison.
Default audio device changed to ASIO4ALL.
Sinc interpolator now faster (64point sinc now usable real-time if you have a fast CPU).
FL Studio can permanently learn and remember links to external controllers.
The new 'multilink' function + 'Override generic links' option.
Tweaking controls on VST(i)s now show a hint message in FL's hint bar (when possible).
Rendering with latency compensation.
Introducing FL-chan in wallpapers.

New Plugins

- SynthMaker:
Instrument & Effect plugin designer (free Producer & XXL editions).

- Fruity Limiter:
Limiter/Maximizer (free).

- Wave Candy:
Visualization tools (free).

- Maximus:
Mastering multiband maximizer (demo).

- Soundgoodizer:
It's shiny, it's good! (free).

- Morphine:
Additive synthesizer (demo).

- Poizone 2:
Synthesizer (demo).

- Slicex:
Powerhouse slicer (free Producer & XXL editions).

- Toxic Biohazard:
FM Synthesizer (demo).

- Fruity Dance:

Revised Plugins

- Edison:

New phase editing feature in Edison's EQ.
Added middle note & audio to MIDI analysis to Edison.
Edison's EQ, blur & reverb tools now remember their envelope editor settings.
Improved recording for larger files.
New drum(loop) stretching tool (& paste replace (drum)), with improved gaps filling.
CTRL+DRAG drums from one instance to another, to replace drums in a loop with drums from another loop.
Slide option now works on markers/regions too.
Hold right-shift to move markers more accurately (temporary zoom).
Tools->Send to playlist as audio clip, to send the clip to the playlist at selection,
linked to the same mixer track as Edison.
New slave sync, pause button, transport active when not playing,
support for control surfaces and keyboard input (to slice or for sampler preview).
Can now link notes to markers/regions (for use in Fruity Slicer).
Added "Undo mix (spectral)" and "Paste mix (spectral)" features.
Added keyboard (to note or to slice) preview.
Added 'quick rename (all)' option to rename all regions to drum names.
new 'dual view' mode showing both waveform & spectrum.
New fancy waveform display mode and option to export display to bitmap file.
New stereo waveform display mode (superimposed channels in different colors).
Tools > Send selection to playlist as audio clip. Send the clip to the playlist at selection,
linked to the same mixer track as Edison.

Video Player:
Detached video will now keep playing if the plugin editor window is hidden.
Added 'Ignore tempo changes' option.
"Render fast" is now the default

Better behaviour when samples are missing
Changed direction for changing pads from mouse wheel
Added wave preview in open dialog.

Fruity Wrapper:
Support for sysex messages sent by the plugin (untested)
FL will re-read key names when update-display message is received from VST plugin
Renamed menu items for saving/loading fst and fxb files to 'VST' instead of 'Cubase'.
Added 'Send note off velocity' option.

Direct Wave:
"Gain" control on zone tab now defaults to 0.0dB again
"Gain" control on zone tab is now multiplied to the volume instead of added
Updated downloader implementation
Double-click on zone (or zone index) now opens sample tab
Now need to right-click on sample scroll bar to zoom
Changed volume and velocity implementation
Re-implemented soundfont support, now supports 24bit SoundFonts
Effect switches on the zone page now also act according to the "global" switch
Ogg import now uses 32bit float samples instead of 16bit int

Parametric EQ 2:
New slope modes for LP/HP/LS/Peak/HS bands in Parametric EQ 2 plugin.

Love Philter:
Love Philter: piano keys assigned to patterns.
Envelope sequencer tool.

Envelope sequencer tool.

Piano roll
Right-click upper/lower splitter for 2nd position.
Changed/New keyboard shortcuts and functions: Added new SHIFT+click to add note in resize mode.
'Select at random' to select 10% random notes, for variations (menu item).
Caps lock function changed to allow resizing of notes from left side in Piano roll.

Play List
Changed/New keyboard shortcuts and functions: Added new SHIFT+click to add clip in resize mode.
Added slip editing and resizing tool for Playlist clips.
Newly-recorded patterns now added as pattern clips (when in song mode).
Right-click upper/lower splitter for 2nd position.
Optional stereo waveform display (accessed from audio-clip channel settings wave-display, right-click).
Clip source selection now available from titlebar
Clip tracks now on top by default.
Can now resize multiple playlist clips at once.

Mouse wheel can re-order effects. Hover over effect to be moved and roll!
Introducing 'Selected mixer track', to which the selected mixer track is routed,
and in which you place visual effects or a recording Edison.

Right-click (right edge) splitter for 2nd width.
Added 'Edit whole mapping' to Remote control section.
Default peak meters scale bottom changed to -70dB, alternate scale down to -50dB.

FL supports MIDI SysEx input, and handles basic MMC functions.

Changes and Additions
Ctrl+E opens an audio editor in a mixer track, or Shift+E to open an audio logger.

Image Line - DirectWave 1.4 + Orginal Skin inkl RegKey +

Image Line - DirectWave 1.4 beta 6
Image Line - DrumSynth Live v.1.0.1
Image Line - DX10 v.1.1.3
Image Line - ILDownloader 2.0.7
Image Line - Maximus Multiband Maximizer

Image Line - Morphine 1.2.5

Image Line - MTCWrapper Public Beta 1

Image Line - PoiZone 2.02 inkl RegKey

Image Line - SDK

Image Line - SimSynth Live v1.1.9

Image Line - Synthmaker 1.0.9 Beta 9 ++ ALL PRESETS

Image Line - Sytrus v2.3.0.10 inkl RegKey

Image Line - Sytrus 2.5

Image Line - Toxic Biohazard Publicbeta 3 (Toxid IV)
(Regkey from Toxid III works)

Image Line - Toxic III v1.41 inkl Regkey

Image Line - Wave Shaper

Image Line - Deckadance 1.20.6 Club Edition inkl. Juicy Pack + Regkey

For Image Line - FL Studio 8 - Zero X - TOOLS inkl Regkeys

Zero-X - BeatCreator 3.32

Zero-X BeatCreator provides tools to edit and process your loops and grooves in powerful and unique ways. No need for MIDI sequencers and samplers.

Simply load the loop, modify it and then save it as a single wave file. Use the output wave file with loop based software such as Acid and GrooveMaker or use the SCSI tool to

transfer it directly to your sampler.

Automatic tools are also provided for the classic method of editing grooves using a sequencer; splitting (locating events), transferring (SCSI or wave files) and creating a MIDI

file (based on the positions).

* Locate events automatically
* Groove analyzer for uncovering the human swing and timing of a drum loop
* Powerful beat editing with precise time stretching, quantize, rearrange and replace features
* Replace grouped events with another sample (replace all bass drum events with a new sound)
* Dynamic pattern effects for adding on-beat effects to create arpeggios, compressor effects and more
* Basic sample editing tools provide cut, copy, paste, mix, truncate, normalize, fade, silence, stereo2mono, SCSI transfer and more
* Stereo and mono support for all tools
* Ruler supporting bars and beats, time and samples
* Grid support for automatic alignment to loop events as well as any given note length (e.g. 1/16nth beat). Swing and dot quantization is supported.
* MIDI file output for creating standard MIDI files for playing the located events at the correct times
* Export and Transfer - export the entire loop as a Wave file (Acid compatible), Rex file or individual events as Wave files with optional .map file (Reaktor/Dynamo wave

slice keyboard layout). Samples can also be transfered to a sampler via SCSI.
* Compatible with FruityLoops allowing the slices and groove file to be easily exported to FruityLoops (2.11 or higher) for further editing.

Zero-X - BeatQuantizer v1.52 Incl PolyStretcher - Multitrack Beat Slicer & Quantizer (PC)

Zero-X - Seamless Looper

Zero-X Seamless Looper is a powerful and easy to use program for setting up Seamless Loops. Finding the optimum seamless loop pair is now as easy as

pressing a button. Features such as SCSI transfer, sample editing and basic DSP tools make it even smoother to work with the program.

While this program is devoted to find and create seamless sustain loops, it is not suited for working with drum loops, break beats, arpeggios, etc. Button Productions also makes

a program called Zero-X BeatCreator that is designed to slice, dice and help improve your beats.

* Manual and automatic loop searching tools
* Graphical loop crossfade with preview
* SCSI sample dump (using SMDI) with batch transfer support
* Basic sample editing (cut/copy/paste/...) and DSP (mix/normalize/fade/...)
* Multi-document interface
* Fast, smooth and flicker free sample presentation
* Drag and Drop wave files (.wav)
* Import samples from Sound Font 2 files (.sf2)

+++ more Tools

Image Line - FL Studio 8 SKINS Pack

In this Pack are 8 NEW ARTWORKS for your NEW SEQUENZER... Working NICE!!!!

inkl Designing Guide for Designing NEW Skins alone inkl two Little Tools, this Programms HELPS YOU

for Designing your new Skins

+++++++++ this is not enouth

I Have 49 Fantastic Hardcore Wallpapers for a new background in FL Studio

Image Line - FL Studio - Addon Packs 1 & 2 Wave Format

The CM Guide To FL Studio 7 - May 2007

Step Machine - Midi Step Sequencer a little VST for Midi

nu skool bass - Reese Tutorial flp Format + other little Making Tracks flp Files

Keyboard Music v2.4.2008 VST

Sex Sounds Pack Wav Format

+ URITONE Bundle - 3 nice Plugins - New Release

+ a little bit more FX with GLITCH... MUST HAVE THIS NICE FREE VST

Old PASS: ultimate

Re-Up PASS: special@magesy

Я надеюсь все остануться довольными)

оставляйте сдесь вопросы и предложения..

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Не могли бы вы мне помочь?

Мне действительно нужен Zero-X - Seamless Looper из ссылки:

Пожалуйста, если у вас есть это, отправьте мне.

Заранее спасибо.

Сообщение отредактировал david_mx_br - Четверг, 16.11.2017, 08:52
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